Life as I know it.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”– Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill says what I mean, but more eloquently. Nothing like a great quote to get the ball rolling.

I’m a 26-year old mama to two beautiful, spunky, cooky children. I’m a wife to a devoted husband that just happens to be in the Army. I’m a child trauma survivor, which has dictated much more of my life than I ever intended. I call myself a life-long student because I’m always learning new things and adapting my way of life to adjust to my new truths. I’m an open individual-full of stories that I’m ready to share. I’ve recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This discovery came after a hectic, tragic 2015 summer that I’m sure you’ll hear all about.

My intention for this blog is to simply create a space for myself to get some of these thoughts that rattle around in this brain of mine in word format. It’s a therapy of sorts, I suppose. I’m very happy to share my journey with you. ❤