As a child, I was always super messy. As a mother, I am not much different.

Actually, I encourage and embrace the messy.

By messy, I mean I allow my children to do weird, wacky science experiments that create stains I might not ever get up. I don’t worry too much about ruining furniture. I’m not the Mom that worries about dust, broken memorabilia, or keeping my good set of dishes pristine. It’s fun and also maddening.

I say this as I spend an hour cleaning up the remnants of a mineral mining kit my Gabriel purchased with the money he has been saving. I have a whole new relationship with crumbled plaster.

Even when I’m at my worst, I try to remember that it won’t last forever. The paint stains on the  table, the broken dishes, and the food coloring stained rugs will all be distant and forgotten before I know it. The memories made while making mud pies, baking soda volcanos, and various painted arts and crafts won’t be. Soon, I imagine these little endeavors I enjoy with my kids will take a backseat to spending time with friends, hanging out at the mall, and sports. Let’s be honest–I am doing this for me more than I am for them.

Embracing the messy. ❤